Nottingham’s Big Bandstand Gig


A last minute shoot for the good lads at I’m Not From London , here in Nottingham.

First time out with my posh new kit, my field recorder broke, and sound desk also failed to record the song and so we have just in-camera mic for the audio (oh dear).

Using methods which would make a producer weep with the ugliness of it all, I managed to kill the wind buffets, camera clicks and me gabbing over the top of Sam Kirk’s performance. Not too bad, really, for shitty in-camera mic I reckon.

This gig in the Arboretum park was organised by Jason Loftus from Trent Sounds with the help of Will and Pat of I’m Not From London, and Nottingham Live – as part of the national “Our Big Gig” project.

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1 Response to Nottingham’s Big Bandstand Gig

  1. Ray Baish says:

    Looks like Leon ran away from the music!

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